The Fraternal Order of the Golden Owl is international. We have knights residing in England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, Serbia, Canada and all over the United States. We look forward to adding new knights from other countries as well to our list.
The Order is private. It is not operated under the auspices of any governmental or religious body. We are not posing as royal, non-ruling monarchs, princes, dukes, clergy, or tribal kings. As a fraternity, no “Font of Honor” is necessary.
We are a legal Fraternal Order of Chivalry, operating within the laws of the United States of America, of which we are based. This means that we are a group of men and women dedicated to the specific goal of living out a modern day chivalric lifestyle. We do this to make the world a little bit better and perhaps inspire others to do the same. 
As of July 2024, we have 68 knights and dames from around the world, over 600 friends of the Order, and we continue to grow wildly.


The Fraternal Order of the Golden Owl exists to make the world a little better, one adventure at a time, through learning and living out an idealized chivalric and helpful lifestyle as a person of integrity and by roll modeling such behaviors.
The Prior of the Order was granted a Patent of heraldic arms, badge, and standard by the authority of Queen Elizabeth II and the hereditary Earl Marshall, signed and sealed by the three Kings of Arms in the United Kingdom in 2014. The Prior uses his own granted para-heraldic badge, “The Belted Owl” and its variant, “The Unbelted Owl” as symbols for his fraternity, established in September of 2020. It is used for his knights, as was the original intent of a badge, to identify the followers of an armiger. The badge of the Order is a gold Maltese cross with “Unbelted Owls” within each arm of the cross, and a “Belted Owl” in the center. 

*Knights and Dames: Everyone who enters and passes the Squire Academy will be known as a Knight or Dame. 
*Honorary Commanders: Knights who have been recognized for offering significant time, talent, or treasure to the Order.
*Warrant Commanders: Knights who have been recognized as local Commandery group leaders. 
*Officers: Knights who have volunteered their time to aid in the organization and leadership of the Order.
*Prior: A Knight who is the official leader of the Order.