The Fraternal Order of the Golden Owl was created and conceived by Clifford Phillip Brunetti I under the laws of the United States of America, officially, on the autumnal equinox of 2020. It is a culmination of years of instructing in the United States military, educating students as a licensed master of a Japanese traditional martial art, and as a teacher and founder of a self-defense club for local military academy cadets.  The goal has always been to instruct in wisdom, knowledge, and personal responsibilities, to challenge members to achieve these high levels of personal standards, and to share these adventures to encourage our members and promote good will throughout the world. It was created as a fraternity of like-minded individuals with the purpose of promoting, by learning and living, an idealized chivalric lifestyle. 

Where does the Fraternal Order of the Golden Owl fit into the scheme of all other Orders of Knighthood?

According to D’Arcy Boulton in his book “The Knights in the Crown: The Monarchical Orders of Knighthood in Late Medieval Europe (1987)”, the Canadian heraldist classifies chivalric orders as follows:

  • Monarchical / Dynastic Orders
  • Confraternal / Military Orders
  • Fraternal Orders
  • Votive Orders
  • Honorific Orders
  • Pseudo Orders

These may be subcategorized by 1) the time of foundation, 2) by religion, and 3) by purpose. According to Boulton the Chivalric orders by purpose are:

  • Monarchical chivalric orders: foundation by a monarch who is a fount of honor; either ruling or not
  • Confraternal chivalric orders: foundation by a nobleman, either high nobility or low nobility
  • Fraternal chivalric orders: founded for a specific purpose only
  • Votive chivalric orders: founded for a limited period of time only by members who take a vow
  • Honorific chivalric orders: consist only of honorific insignia bestowed on knights on festive occasions, consisting of nothing but the badge
  • Pseudo or Self-styled Orders: self-proclaimed imitation-orders without statutes or restricted memberships

Since the Fraternal Order of the Golden Owl is 1) modern – created in 2020 by origination documents, 2) non-denominational and non-sectarian, 3) the Order was created by a U.S. citizen, not a monarch, non-ruling monarch, prince, pope, member of the clergy, noble duke, nor tribal king, and since our Order was, 4) created for the specific purpose according to our statutes: “Learning and living chivalry,” then clearly the Fraternal Order of the Golden Owl is classified as a Fraternal Order of Chivalry.


  • We have training in chivalry. Believe it or not, most chivalric orders don’t.
  • We do not ask for exorbitant fees, nor ask for recurring annual fees as most do. Many Orders ask into the thousands of dollars to join.
  • We provide a ready forum for knights to share chivalric adventures, both in our Facebook Friends group and in our Knight-only group.
  • We have training in a variety of topics centering around the chivalric theme.
  • We help guide non-armigerous members to understand how they might acquire heraldic arms correctly for their circumstances.
  • We have various optional enrichment programs; flying personal banner flags in a medieval castle, a formal Gala banquet, private investitures, etc.
  • Our insignia is second to none. Our jeweler makes insignia for many chivalric Orders and even for the Pope.
  • We have a budding website www.FratOwl.com as well as an Instagram at #orderofthegoldenowl and of course our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoldenOwl
  • For our knights we have a Constitution, an Order Handbook, an up-to-date comprehensive Roll of Knights, and a heraldic register – the Roll of Arms for our knights as well.
  • We also have a budding library of Knightly themed Youtubes at https://www.youtube.com/…/UCmuvhUZK2SQeU3zMLHK…/featured