About the Order


The Fraternal Order of the Golden Owl is international. We have knights from England, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, and all over the United States. It is private. We are a group of normal people trying to live to a higher ideal. We are not claiming to be royal, non-ruling monarchs, princes, noble dukes, clergy, tribal kings, or anything other that who we are. We are a fraternal order. This means we are a group of individuals (men and women) dedicated to a specific goal. We are an Order of Chivalry in that we use learning and living an idealized chivalric lifestyle as our goal. We do this to make the world around us a little better and perhaps inspire others to do the same. 

 As of August 2021, we have 54 knights and dames from around the world and we continue to grow wildly. The golden owl symbolizes wisdom, its wings open symbolizes the spreading of our ideals, the chevron on its chest symbolizes achieving higher goals. The green spheres in its talons represent the balancing of the two worlds; physical and spiritual.



The Fraternal Order of the Golden Owl exists to make the world a better place, one adventure at a time, through learning chivalric concepts, living an honorable and helpful lifestyle as a person of action, and by roll modelling such behaviors. 


The primary goal of the Fraternal Order of the Golden Owl is to “Learn and Live Chivalry.” Candidates learn chivalric concepts through our video platformed Squire Academy, which are designed to create thoughtful reflection and modern, achievable adventures in order to begin to live out an idealized chivalric lifestyle. We have monthly challenges to maintain our mindset and for comradery. This is how the world will change, one adventure at a time.


 *Defend the weak *Speak only truth *Make no excuses *Let others believe (as they will) *Hold the temper *Live with honor *Make valorous living a lifelong pursuit.


The Prior was granted heraldic arms, badge, and standard by the authority of Queen Elizabeth II and the hereditary Earl Marshall, and sealed by all three Kings of Arms in the United Kingdom. The Prior chose his own granted para-heraldic badge, “The Belted Owl” and a variant “The Un-Belted Owl” as the symbols for his knighthood fraternity. It is used for his knights, as was the original purpose of a badge, to identify the followers of an armiger.


The Badge of the Order is used as a symbol for all knights and used for the Order’s insignia. It is a green Maltese cross bordered in gold, the corners and center are adorned with the owl badge. 


There are four levels of membership within the Fraternal Order of the Golden Owl, they are as follows:

  • Knights and Dames. A knight is a person, male or female, who has successfully completed the Squire Academy.  A Dame is a female knight equivalent. Ladies have their choice to be recognized as a Knight or a Dame.
  • Knight Commanders. The position of Knight or Dame Commander is honorary and is bestowed by the Prior for contributing toward furthering administrative goals. Any knight may petition for the honorary distinction. 
  • Warrant Knight Commanders. The position of a Warrant Knight Commander is only held by knights who have been given a warrant to open a local commandery of knights. This commandery may hold meetings and direct local activities of the Order.
  • Prior. The Prior is the founder or current head of the Order. 
  • Local commanderies have the discretion and autonomy to engage in charitable events,  promote charitable causes, participate in parades, give interviews, and to hold regular meetings. 
  • We have officers who help in the administration of the Order; Chancellor, Registrar, Prelate, Secretary, Historian, and Men-at-Arms.
  • As a group we have an Adventure of the Month Competition, where we post our recent chivalric adventures, which helps maintain our focus.
  • As a group we participate in Zoom chivalry lessons in various topics.
  • We interact regularly on Facebook with well over 500 friends:  www.facebook.com/groups/GoldenOwl.
  • We have a knight only group, to share necessary information, to participate as a knightly council to vote on Order related topics,  and for fun.
  • We have helped a number of knights to properly assume heraldic arms or to properly pursue heraldic grants or registries.
  • We have flown our heraldic banner flags in Balgonie Castle, Scotland.
  • We have a formal Gala at the Ritz Carlton, Sarasota scheduled and booked. White tie with decorations, illuminated historic documents, photos, dinner and champagne.
  • We have plans for other events into the future; a physical investitures at a cathedral and a formal dinner party in England.
  • We have a constitution, a fully illustrated handbook, a roll of knights, and a roll of knight’s heraldry.
  • We have a full complement of Order insignia created by a master jeweler and is second to none.
  • We have the availability of Order ceremonial wear; mantles and bonnets.